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Lewte in Ethiopia

Voices From Tigray: Unveiling the Harsh Realities of 13-Year-Old Lewte’s Daily Struggles

Learn more about the story of Lewte, a young boy living in Tigray, Ethiopia.

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Lewte is a 13-year-old boy who recently returned to primary school in Tigray, Ethiopia. There is a deep sadness in his eyes, that feels alarming to see in a child.

His father died two years ago – from hunger and a lack of medicine – during the brutal two-year conflict that also robbed Lewte of years of education and access to basic resources.

He lives with his mother, who tries to sell charcoal to help support them, but unless food aid comes soon and people have something to cook, she may not be able to continue with this.

There is currently no meal provided in his primary school, which was diligently built by the community several years ago but significantly damaged during the war. It still serves as a place of learning, but the building – with smashed windows, blast-scarred walls, and damaged blackboards – is far from ideal.

Lewte in Ethiopia

The need for Mary’s Meals here is stark. Drought is having a serious effect on this area and on children like Lewte in particular. His teacher describes his family as “one of the poorest of the poor,” and Lewte is open about the fact that there’s no money at home to buy food, books, or other necessary materials. He says: “Because of the drought … my mother has nothing, no money or food to help me.”

Lewte told us he enjoys attending school, but his teacher has noticed a big change in him recently. She says: “Before he was funny, he was compassionate, he was laughing and joking with his friends, but now he is silent. He no longer communicates with others.” Despite previously being “a middling student who liked gaining knowledge,” Lewte is now lethargic, falling asleep in class, and “seems to be losing interest in school.”

Without the offer of a daily meal, there is a very real possibility that Lewte will drop out of school– if that happens, as well as missing out on his education and the chance of a better future, there’s no guarantee he will even find the food he needs to survive.

Our partner is ready and willing to extend our program to more schools, including the one Lewte attends. 

Please give what you can today to bring life-saving school meals to children in Tigray.