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Become an Ambassador

a volunteer serves food

Become an Ambassador

Our Ambassador community makes a direct impact in the lives of hungry children around the world by using their skills and passions to share this movement with others.

Who Is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is a supporter who has been invited to play a larger role in the growth of Mary’s Meals. They feel called to invite others into this life changing work.

What Do Ambassadors Do?

Our hope is that Ambassadors find opportunities to share Mary’s Meals with others and not just impact the life of a child, but also impact the life of that supporter by giving them the opportunity to make a difference.

How Much Time Does It Take?

It depends on the Ambassador themselves. Since everyone’s availability varies, we know there are certain times that are busier than others. We are grateful for however much time you can contribute. We just ask that your time commitment be consistent, whether that is an hour a week, a few hours a month, seasonal, etc.

We find that Ambassadors find fulfillment in their support of Mary’s Meals because of the role that they play in changing lives both in the US amongst supporters and abroad in the lives of children that are changed because of Mary’s Meals. There are also wonderful opportunities to grow as a community via Zoom calls, trainings, and special invitations to gather with other around the country and visit our work abroad.

Zoe, an MMUSA Ambassador

Contact Rudy Gomez with questions or 786-252-9196