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The Shed book

The Shed That Fed: How You Can Share the Story of Mary’s Meals

Our bestselling book about a little tin shed in Scotland that is bringing hope to millions of hungry children around the world.

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The Sunday Times bestselling book, The Shed That Fed A Million Children, tells the inspiring story of the birth of Mary’s Meals. International school feeding charity Mary’s Meals has its headquarters in a tiny shed in the remote Scottish Highlands yet has grown in miraculous ways and currently serves vital meals to more than 2 million of the world’s poorest children in 18 countries every school day.  

Written by the charity’s founder and CEO, Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, the book provides great insight into Magnus’ journey into charitable work and celebrates the origins of Mary’s Meals – an organization with a low-cost approach and a clear vision that brings hope to some of the most vulnerable children in the world with school meals.

The Shed book

When the book was first published in 2015, Mary’s Meals had reached the joyous milestone of providing school meals for 1 million children in a place of education every school day. Six years later, in 2021, HarperCollins released an updated version of the book – The Shed That Fed 2 Million Children – bringing the story up to date and marking the incredible milestone of serving much-needed meals to more than 2 million children every school day. Whether you’re already familiar with the work of Mary’s Meals or have yet to discover its heartwarming story, this book will uplift, inspire, and challenge you. Mary’s Meals is more than a charity – it’s a global movement of people working together to build a better future – and everyone can play a part in this vital work. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few ideas of how you can get involved:  

Discover the Mary’s Meals Story for Yourself

This must-read story is available in paperback from bookstores and online booksellers. If your local bookstore doesn’t have a copy or they’re sold out, be sure to ask them if they can place an order from our publisher, HarperCollins. You can also get your hands on a copy for your Amazon Kindle, or purchase an eBook directly from the publisher. If you’re always on the go and rarely have time to sit down to read, why not listen to the audiobook version of The Shed That Fed 2 Million Children – narrated by Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow himself – on Audible or Apple Books? It’s the perfect accompaniment for when you’re cooking, working out, or commuting. 

Tell Us What You Think

Follow Mary’s Meals’ social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, X/Formerly Twitter) or get in touch directly to share your thoughts on the book. We’d love to hear what you enjoyed most if any parts surprised you, or whether you learned anything new about the charity’s history, the work involved, or the people who make it all possible.  

Sharing is Caring

Pass on your copy of The Shed That Fed 2 Million Children to give someone else you know the chance to discover the inspiring details of the Mary’s Meals story. Or if you’re looking for a special gift for a friend or family member, why not get them a copy of their own? Every copy purchased goes a long way to supporting our work and bringing hope to children who receive Mary’s Meals.  

Involve Your Book Club

Calling all avid readers who are members of book club, why not suggest that your group reads The Shed That Fed 2 Million Children ahead of your next meet-up? A handy list of suggested ‘book club’ questions is available for you to download if you’d like a head start on discussion points. Click here to download the sheet for free and delve deeper into the book’s themes and messages with your fellow readers.

Speak to Your Local Library

If you’re a member of your local library, and they don’t already have a copy of The Shed That Fed 2 Million Children available in their catalog, speak to your librarian and ask if it’s possible to order a copy (it might be a good idea to note down the title, author, and ISBN code for the book before you go). Surprise someone and brighten their day  The next time you visit a public space – whether it’s a coffee shop, a community hall, or somewhere else – why not leave a copy of our book in a visible but weather-tight location for someone to find as they go about their day? You could even write a note for the new owner, to wish them well and invite them to enjoy the story of Mary’s Meals. Be sure to ask permission from whoever is in charge at your chosen location as a courtesy!

Find out more about Mary’s Meals, and the books and films that tell our story. Every copy purchased supports our work to provide life-changing meals to some of the world’s most vulnerable children.