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Collection in Lucas' class

40 Days To Feed 14 Kids

Lucas leads his third-grade class in Lenten Fundraiser to support children Mary’s Meals feeds.

Published on

At just 8 years-old, Lucas felt a call to help others and brought it to his third-grade class. He thought of a good way to use the $100 he received for his First Communion and pitched his idea to his teacher to get classmates involved: 40 Days To Feed 14 Kids. 

The group of 8-year-olds used clever symbolism in their concept: 40 days to represent the season of Lent and a goal to feed 14 kids to symbolize each member of their class.  

The class created a poster for their school hallway to encourage other students to participate and donate. On it, they explain the work of Mary’s Meals, why it is important and how they can help. They share, "Mary’s Meals is important because it helps feed poor, hungry kids across the world."

Lucas was featured on KCRG as their student of the month and shared about their fundraiser in an interview.  

We are moved by the empathy of Lucas and his enthusiasm to spread the word about our work with his peers. Their little acts of love and desire to help and stand in solidarity with other children all over the world are beautiful!