June Harvest = Sponsor A School

The Haseltine family have been inspired to join the Mary's Meals movement

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About six years ago, Shaun Haseltine was hanging gillnet in his little cabin in Klawock, Alaska listening to Busted Halo on Sirius radio when Magnus was interviewed. Steph Haseltine tells us that, “when I arrived home Shaun said, we need to check out Mary’s Meals. He was so touched by the interview.”  

What happened next…together they watched Child 31 and were inspired by the way Mary’s Meals operates, promoting the dignity of the community by buying locally whenever possible, engaging volunteers for every school feeding program and providing so much with such little overhead.

Shaun had accompanied Steph while she studied abroad in South Africa and they traveled throughout the country. “We visited Zimbabwe and saw poverty firsthand. One woman walked five miles each day for fresh water and then back to her home so she could make millimill (corn mush) for her kids. I can’t imagine how it must be to struggle like that to provide for your children. We are so blessed as a family and learn to trust and give everything to God.” They agreed to support Mary’s Meals.

The Haseltine’s have a Salmon fishing business and the season begins every June. With their decision made, in 2015, they pledged the monies made from the first King salmon opening to Mary’s Meals. Guess what happened next…the June harvest sold for the exact amount needed to Sponsor A School in Liberia! Magnus refers to Divine Providence in his journey that began during the Bosnian conflict in 1992 and we are reminded of same through the acts of our amazing supporters.

Shaun also hangs gear for other fisherman in Alaska and instead of taking a fee, he asks them to donate to Mary’s Meals which helps to spread the word of our work. Mary’s Meals is a grassroots global movement and an intrinsic part of our work is to involve as many people as possible. Supporters like Shaun keep our movement alive.

Steph says that, “day by day she, Shaun and their children, Sophia, Skipp and Sonja try to see how the Lord is blessing us, and in return, we ask how we can bless others”. The Haseltine’s have generously continued to Sponsor A School every year since 2015.

We are humbled and heartened by the support we receive from families like the Haseltine’s who share our vision that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education and that all those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things.

Mary’s Meals thanks Steph and Shaun for blessing us with their friendship and support every day.