What is The Story?

At every stage of our journey, we’ve been blessed by people who choose to give a sustaining gift in support of our work. While all donations are treasured and appreciated, there is something very special about sustaining gifts.

A sustaining gift is a fixed donation that occurs at a pre-defined interval of time, such as weekly, monthly or quarterly. Supporting Mary’s Meals in this way gives us the confidence to plan future expansions and to grow the global movement - safe in the knowledge that you are right there beside us as we strive to reach the next hungry child.

The Story of Mary’s Meals continually grows thanks to the generosity of a community of supporters committed to regular donations. People who have chosen to play an active part in the change they want to see, people of hope, people like you.

Why join The Story?

By joining The Story and becoming a sustaining giver, you will:

  • Provide more hungry children with life-changing meals, helping those suffering the effects of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries
  • Receive updates through our email newsletter, The Next Chapter, packed with information from across our program countries highlighting the very real impact your generous donations make
  • Help us to grow the global movement sustainably

With your support, we can bring hope and lasting change to those who need it most.

Together we can change the story.

As a sustaining giver, receive updates through our email newsletter, The Next Chapter.


We’re now reaching 2,429,182 children with life-changing meals. Help us reach the 3M milestone and beyond.

For every contribution you give, 93% is spent directly on our charitable activities.