Sponsor a School

You can help Mary’s Meals reach many more hungry children – and give your fundraising a focus – by pledging to cover the cost of feeding a school for an entire year! 

I'm ready to Sponsor a School now

Here’s how Sponsor A School works:


  1. Getting started


  • Choose a school, complete the form and a member of our Sponsor A School team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
  • Currently, schools available to be sponsored are located in Malawi, Liberia, Kenya, and Zambia.
  • Fundraising targets are set based on the number of children currently enrolled at the school multiplied by the global average cost to provide Mary’s Meals to one child for a whole school yearThis means that $25.20 x the school enrolment number = a whole school without hunger for 12 months!
  • Once you’ve selected a school, you can create a fundraising page to allow others to help you meet your goal by making online donations towards your school sponsorship.
  • Once you’ve verified your account via email, your Sponsor A School project is active, and you can share your fundraising project page with your friends, family or wider community. Happy fundraising!


  1. Reaching your target

As soon as you reach your fundraising target you will:

  • Be contacted to ask which short piece of wording you’d like to be displayed on a sign at your sponsored school
  • Receive a certificate celebrating the Sponsorship
  • Receive a custom report from your school, including pictures of students at the school and your sponsor sign, within four-six months


  1. Renewing your sponsorship
  • As much as is possible, we hope that Sponsor A School can help to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships between donors and their sponsored schools. That’s why, once you’ve met your fundraising target for ‘year 1’, we will give you the option to reserve your same school for ‘year 2’
  • To ensure your school is fully sponsored at all times, we would encourage you – in as much as is possible – to begin fundraising for your next year of sponsorship as soon as the first year’s target has been reached.
  • Should you raise any funds in excess of your target during the first year of fundraising, you can contact MMUSA to allocate additional donations to where they are most needed.


  1. Other things to know
  • When submitting gifts to be applied towards your sponsored school, you can do so online through your fundraising page or ‘offline’ by mailing in checks directly to Mary’s Meals USA 75 Orchard St., Bloomfield, NJ 07003.  Please make checks payable to Mary’s Meals USA and include a note with your Sponsored School’s name.
  • If you submit gifts ‘offline’, we encourage you to log into your fundraising page and add those ‘offline’ funds to show your supporters an accurate representation of the amount collected so far. 
  • In the event that you’re unable to continue sponsoring your school, Mary’s Meals would – as funds allow – endeavor to continue supporting school feeding using general funds donated to us, or by releasing your school to another donor for sponsorship.


Thank you for considering starting your own Sponsor A School project! To discuss any aspect of Sponsor A School, please contact Rob Turner at Rob.Turner@marysmealsusa.org or at 1-800-385-4983 ext. 2