How does Move for Mary’s Meals work?

1. Choose a type of movement that you enjoy: going for a walk, jogging through the park, cycling to work or swimming some laps- and commit to moving the week of Nov 20th

2. Set yourself a realistic goal: this can be a certain period of time, a set distance or a donation amount

3. Register and create your fundraising page. Make sure to include #M4MM in your project name (Ex: John’s Jogger #M4MM)

4. Invite your friends and family to sponsor you or sponsor yourself. We recommend a goal of $252 - feeding 10 kids for a whole school year!

5. MOVE with us the week of November 20th

6. Take photos, update your sponsors on your progress and thank them for their support!

How do we ‘Move for Mary’s Meals’ as a team?

You can move as an individual, a family, or a team. You have the option of creating one fundraising page for each family and team and you can all share the link with your networks, or you can each create a page, and turn it into a friendly competition!

At this time we don’t have the ability to link pages but use a team name in your fundraising page title to group your team’s pages together.

Have a large group? We are happy to help- call us at 800-385-4983 x3

How much does it cost to register? Will I still get a shirt?

Participating in Move for Mary’s Meals is free! Rather than pay a registration fee we invite you to fundraise for Mary’s Meals and help us feed the next hungry child. Every person who sets up a fundraising page will receive a complimentary tshirt. You will be sent a coupon code to order your shirt from this site.

If you would like to purchase more shirts for friends and family, you may do so on the same site. Separate shipping and handling will apply.

When does Move for Mary’s Meals take place?

We invite you to join us the week of November 20th, but you can do this anytime!

Why did Run as One Change?

Move for Mary’s Meals started in Germany a few years ago and has been hugely successful. After five years of Run as One, we wanted to keep the idea of movement but join our partners in this great program. Our goal is to feed the next hungry child and we have found that the best way for us to do that is inviting more people into the family. You can help us do that!

Need help? Have questions?

You can email us at info.usa@marysmeals.org or call 800-385-4983. x3 We will be happy to answer other questions or help you in creating your fundraising page!

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