Learn more about the children whose lives will be changed by Move For Mary's Meals. 

The promise of a daily meal often encourages children to attend school. It is our hope that these stories help you to realize just how important you are to our mission to provide meals to these children in the hardest-to-reach places of the world.

Cleopatra - Zambia

Cleopatra, like most 12-year-olds, loves nothing more than playing games with her friends, reading, and going to school.

Cleopatra lives with her five siblings and attends Walubwe Primary School in Zambia where her father is a teacher. Cleopatra recalls the first time she received Mary's Meals and how the school feeding program helped her become top of her class: "It was very delicious and hot. I remember being so full and I had so much energy after the porridge for a long time. That is exactly how I still feel every time I eat Mary's Meals porridge. Before the introduction of porridge at my school, life was hard for most pupils. They could not manage to stay in school for long hours or participate in extracurricular activities on empty stomachs, because most of them used to come from their homes without eating anything. Now, we all eat porridge and it is very filling. As a result, we now have enough energy to prepare for our upcoming examination. May God bless Mary's Meals, so that they can continue providing porridge to schools in Zambia."

Your entry in Move For Mary's Meals will help us to continue to provide daily meals to the 2,429,182 children that count on us.


Enifa - Malawi

In Malawi, we supply backpacks to the children, in addition to their nutritious cup of phala (porridge), each school day.

Enifa lives with her mom and sister as her father is away working in South Africa. This sweet 5th grader smiles proudly as she tells us: "I am very happy today because I have received a beautiful bag. I will be carrying my books in this bag safely and all my belongings will be intact. My dream is to become a passionate doctor."

Your participation in Move For Mary's Meals will ensure that Enifa can realize her dream.

Judge - Malawi

Judge is an 8th grade student and is one of five children. While he lives on the school campus in Malawi, his brothers and sisters work in South Africa.

"I wake up at 4am every school day. I fetch my water from the borehole to bathe and get ready for school for classes. [Eighth grade] learners get in class an hour earlier for prep studying so I get in class at 6am, break for porridge at 7am, then normal classes resume at 7:30am. I knock off at 2:30pm.”

"I eat porridge because it saves me from spending much of my pocket money. I do not buy bread for breakfast. I only eat porridge therefore I save and buy other things like books and pens with the money. When I eat porridge, I get hyped up in class. I am always on the top chart of good learners. I listen to the teachers and participate in a lot of exercises."

Your participation in Move For Mary's Meals will ensure that Judge and other students receive a daily meal.

Anisha - India

Five-year-old Anisha receives her Mary's Meals in New Delhi.

Our program in India provides over 42,000 children a daily meal in 102 places of education. Because her tummy is full at school, Anisha can pay attention in class and learn. We delight at her joy in the menu! "My favorite Mary's Meals dish is rice and green peas with potato curry. Mary's Meals gives me tasty and healthy food, and I like that the daily menu changes."

Your entry in Move For Mary's Meals will change the life of another five-year-old.

Happy - Malawi

Happy is an eleven-year-old from a village in Chikwawa. He’s delighted to be in school because when he was at home, he wasted precious time.

“For example, I could have been in Standard 6, but I am still in Standard 5. I failed during last school session but this time I want to work extra hard in school after playing at home for a long time.”

The promise of a daily meal in a place of education significantly reduces absence from school and contributes to increased engagement and progression in education.

Your involvement in Move For Mary's Meals will help students like Happy stay in school because of the promise of a daily meal.

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