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Raising funds is more than just "asking for money", it is about providing an opportunity to take part in a mission.

Tips to a succesful fundraising project

Take some time to plan out your fundraiser

There are so many ways to fundraise based on what you enjoy and are passionate about, but the one common factor, is that it should be fun!

Think through the details:

  • Set a date and time
  • Will there be any cost?
  • Who are a few key supporters to contact right away?

Make donating easy for others creating a fundraising page

  • First settle on a name for your project
  • Then choose a goal amount
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Let's get the word out about your incredible project!

It may seem obvious but do not forget to share this with your closest family and friends.

  • Send out an email, even to coworkers, to let them know
  • Are there any local businesses, churches or schools that may support you?
  • Of course, make sure to share on social media
  • Contact us for images to share on Facebook or Instagram


Did you receive a check or cash from a friend or family member? Make sure to log in and click "Add Offline Donation" to the total amount raised. While checks and cash can be applied to your project, they won't automatically update on your page.

For more information on how you can support the work of Mary's Meals, check out our handy resource below:

Contact Rudy Gomez at or 786-252-9196 with any questions or for additional resources.

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