Who’s cooking the porridge in Malawi?

Almost 80,000 people cook Mary’s Meals for children in Malawi every school day. Let’s take a closer look at why they volunteer…

Back to all stories | Posted on 03/04/19

Anasi gets up at 3am to cook for her niece Ellen and her friends at Mchokera Primary School: “Porridge helps the children to be strong in class, so they can learn. I come to cook so that they don’t fail in their education.” 

Mifa, Mpotole Primary School: “I became a volunteer because I was encouraged by seeing more kids in school. My child loves going to school now. I think it’s because of the porridge!”

Fatimah, Kachere 1 Primary School: "My children are doing better in their classes. They can read and write, and they will be able to find a job in the future."

Goodson, Msabamwali Primary School: "I didn't do so well at school. I want my daughter to do better. I hope the porridge helps children work in class."

Enipha, Libuda Primary School: “The children are always happy and smiling when they receive their phala (porridge).”

Odilia, Muonekera Primary School: “Without an education, there is no future for our children. Food is scarce in this community. Now there is porridge at school, the learners come and stay in class.”

Joyce, Makanjira Primary School: "Before, the children would stay at home or leave early. Now, they are energetic and strong.”

Margaret, Nansonjo Primary School: “I come to cook so the children continue to do well in class and go on to finish school. Maybe they can become doctors or teachers.”

Glena, Gumeni Primary School: “Porridge is important because it will help the children to finish school and get a job.”

Rebecca walks 2km to Noreen Davies Nursery School carrying her seven-year-old daughter Paulina, who has cerebral palsy, on her back: “When I brought my daughter here for the first time, I saw the cooks and became a volunteer straight away! This way, Paulina can enjoy her classes and I’m here if she needs me.”

Thanks to our amazing volunteers in Malawi, more than one million children across the country can enjoy a mug of Mary’s Meals every school day!