USA’s Ellen Miller Shares the Screen in Love Reaches Everywhere

New film featuring Haiti and Liberia journey of Hollywood star Gerard Butler and founder Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow includes footage with USA volunteers.

Actor Gerard Butler had some help in spreading the word in Love Reaches Everywhere from USA Heartland volunteer Ellen Miller. Ellen visits Mary’s Meals school programmes in Malawi each year and brings back news of the work taking place and the benefits of feeding kids in the world’s poorest communities. Her USA fundraising efforts were featured in our latest film.

We caught up with Ellen to ask her about her cameo in the film.

Magnus introduces you in the film “there is a group in Iowa” proudly announces that you created the t-shirts with the saying “Love Reaches Everywhere” and ultimately, they decide that will be the name of the film?

“When I visit the schools and feel the gratitude and love of the children and the community that supports them it has inspired me to share their story with others within my community and places where I am invited to share. I believe that together we can make a difference in whatever part of the world we feel God is calling us to go…after all love reaches everywhere.” 

In the film you tell us “It’s beautiful to connect with kids on the other side of the world. I believe truly we need each other”. Can you elaborate and share what that means to you?

“Nearly every time when I am about to leave a school supported by Mary’s Meals, I am asked by the volunteer cooks, the teachers & the children not to forget them. This touches my heart as I have so much respect and love for these communities. They work so hard at giving their children an education and a daily meal. I would like to think food insecurity could never happen. I could never forget their struggles and stories. Yet life takes us into our business and sometimes I catch myself looking back and thinking to myself, “have I forgotten them?”  I like to honor this moment by reminding everyone I always share Mary’s Meals story believing that we do need each other. They need to know that they are not forgotten, and we need to know that we can make a difference.”

Your efforts and those of the people that join in with you have fed 17,000 children? Are you in awe of this result? What’s next?

“A few years ago when we started to sell the Mary’s Meals t-shirts our hope was to sell 500 t-shirts.  But with the help of so many other people who felt called to share their little acts of love, we have to date sold over 17,000 Mary’s Meals t-shirts each feeding a child for an entire school year.  It has always been about feeding the next child and supporting their education. To me the Mary’s Meals t-shirts are a walking billboard to educate others about the mission of Mary’s Meals.”