The wonderful gift of life

Thomas works in South Sudan for Mary’s Meals’ partner the Diocese of Rumbek. He explains how he gained courage and strength from a visit to a school receiving Mary’s Meals.

This is a picture of me on my first field visit to a school receiving Mary’s Meals!

It was so beautiful to see the level of cooperation and commitment of the cooks serving the children with smiles and the teachers and community working together. They all want to achieve one goal; helping all the children to at least eat just one meal in a day.

Their work has given me courage and has strengthened me too.

Eating together and sharing their food will change the lives of these children; they will definitely grow up as friends and colleagues. They will one day support each other and see themselves as one people to develop South Sudan.

The children now learn and grow. Before Mary’s Meals came, I was seeing many malnourished and physically weak children going to school and not learning. Schools were so quiet, there were no activities. These days you can hear singing, dancing and sport. Mary’s Meals has changed many of our schools and communities.

We are so grateful for this wonderful gift of life.