Seven things you might not know about Generation Hope

Behind the scenes of our beautiful documentary.

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Why is this generation, a generation of hope? At Mary’s Meals, the answer is simple – because through education and the serving of life-changing school meals, children have the chance to find their voice and a way out of poverty.

Generation Hope tells the stories of just some of the young people who, having received Mary’s Meals as children, are building a brighter future. To celebrate its online release, here’s a few facts about the film that might surprise you…


1. Generation Hope has been screened in 32 countries across the world

Before its online launch, Generation Hope was shared at private and public screenings organised by our supporters in offices, churches, cinemas and community centres in six continents across the world!


2. Plus, it’s available in 10 different languages

That way, many of our supporters can enjoy the film, regardless of whether they’re in Lima, Sydney or Zagreb.


3. The film was directed by a familiar face

In making the film, we teamed up with our friend Charles Kinnane who also directed our first award-winning documentary Child 31.


4. From Nigeria to New Zealand

To date, we’ve sent out more than 700 screening packs full of useful materials which help people to share Generation Hope with others in their communities. The packs include posters, a letter from our founder Magnus, a DVD of the film and lots more. You can still organise your own screening by requesting a pack today.


5. We meet Edward, the boy who inspired the creation of Mary’s Meals

Sadly, Mary’s Meals arrived in Edward’s village too late for him to enjoy the meals at school, but not for his younger brother or for his son, Blessing, who will receive the meals once he starts primary school.


6. You may recognise some of the stories in the film

The film is inspired by stories from our founder Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow’s bestselling book, The Shed That Fed A Million Children.


7. It’s award winning!

It’s not just us who think Generation Hope is a great film! Judging panels at more than seven film festivals around the world agree. Accolades include Most Inspirational Film at the Orlando Film Festival, inclusion in the Short Films Corner at Cannes Film Festival and a Special Mention at A Film For Peace.

Generation Hope

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