“Peace, Love and Harmony” for Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals USA will remember the summer of 2018 for bringing “music to our ears” and “raising money to feed 2200 children for an entire school year”!

It all started when High South played at Mary Jo Harty’s daughter’s wedding.  Mary Jo is one of the founding members of our Mary’s Meals Heartland volunteer group. With a smile, Mary Jo says: “We were sitting around the pool, brainstorming and what started as a crazy idea turned into something very beautiful”. And so, the Mary’s Meals Benefit Concert series was born…and the hard work began. They assembled a special team of volunteers and found venues that agreed to donate the space and promote the event. “This year (year 2), we wanted to spread the word beyond Iowa, so we took to Missouri, Nebraska and New York.” High South played a total of 5 concerts this summer with two in Iowa.

Kevin Campos, Jamey Garner and Phoenix Mendoza are High South and they formed the band just 3 years ago. They are from Nashville and are produced by Josh Leo, Mary Jo Harty’s cousin.  They have a loyal following and continue to build audiences as they are booked across the globe. “With any grassroots movement, you have to take it to the people and there is no fast way to do it. It’s grueling hard work. We are starting to see results though. It’s an amazing thing to show up in a town and watch people come out to listen and then walk out with a smile on their face”, Phoenix says.

When asked what it is about Mary’s Meal that is such a fit with this Nashville band, Jamey explained: “We didn’t have to change a gear to do this. Our show is a message that we share with Mary’s Meals.”

Phoenix added, “We are big believers in education. Our whole concept is peace, love and harmony and making the world a little bit better place than we found it. And so, this works with Mary’s Meals. It is the perfect, serendipitous opportunity to help people.”

Kevin enthusiastically said: “Feeding children is a pretty great thing. It is gratifying and a win-win!” 

The band mates consider it an honor to be performing their music for Mary’s Meals and we are honored to be associated with High South and with our super volunteer team in the mid-west. Truly, they are so generous with their time and resources and this is how Mary’s Meals will continue to solve world hunger!