Mary’s Meals’ staff in Kenya and Zambia now have more time to focus on school feeding thanks to the introduction of a new mobile app.

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The bespoke technology is the result of collaboration within our global programs team and helps to reduce admin, providing real-time updates on food and school data. The information collected will shape the development of future programs.

Data that was previously reported monthly can now be updated at the touch of a button from kitchens, classrooms and stockrooms. Even when staff are offline, they can input figures, syncing with the online database once they’re connected.

This streamlined approach minimizes the possibility of data-entry errors and reduces the risk of food shortages or waste. It will be rolled out to other countries in the coming months.

Users have described the app as efficient and simple. Florence, a School Feeding Officer in Turkana, Kenya, is enjoying less paperwork and more time supporting school feeding for children: “This app is making my work easier. When I am in school, I know exactly what I am supposed to do.”