Plexus - Making Social Responsibility a Key to our Success

Contributed by: Joanna Gonos, Plexus Director Internal Communications & PR

Back to all stories | Posted on 10/08/21 in NewsBlog

If the last year taught us anything, it’s that relationships matter. A lot. Whether it’s loved ones, friends, or others in the community, the power of offering hope, health, and happiness to those who need it can be life changing for everyone involved. And at Plexus®, our mission is to do just that. Since founding the company 13 years ago, we have taken our passion for developing health and wellness products and used it to fuel our desire to end food insecurity through successful partnerships and compelling cause marketing campaigns. Mary’s Meals unique approach to feeding children in underserved communities and promoting the long-term need for an education appealed to us from the start. So, we looked no further than one of our most popular products to help rally our Brand Ambassadors in Canada and Australia.

Inspired by the success of Nourish One®, an evergreen campaign that we launched in the United States in July 2018, we expanded our partnership in 2019 to benefit Mary’s Meals. For every bag of Plexus Lean sold, a donation equivalent to 14 meals is made to Mary’s Meals. $1 USD helps provide at least 10 meals to children in impoverished countries around the world. To date, Plexus has donated 986,177 meals to support international programs and we're on track to hit 1,000,000 meals by the end of 2021. Of course, a key element to every cause marketing campaign is in promotion. In addition to socializing the Nourish One mission via our website and social media platforms, we include it in large sales events, and incentives such as Product of the Month promotions. The product bag is also branded with the Nourish One logo and serves as a visual reminder of the impact that a Lean purchase has to communities in need.

At Plexus, we use the phrase One Plexus to describe our culture. Steeped in this simple name is an unwavering belief in shared values, partnership between Brand Ambassadors, team members, and communities, and the desire to make a difference in the world. Our charitable giving efforts are also linked to a One Plexus heart and mindset, making social responsibility a key to our shared success. Mary’s Meals’ global programs help feed over 2 million school children per day, and Plexus is honored to play a small role in these initiatives.