As the Lenten season begins and we seek the Lord through prayer, fasting and almsgiving, we invite you to reflect with us on the vulnerable children around the world who lack the most basic things.

Join us every Sunday as we share a line from the Mary’s Meals prayer and a short reflection on it.

Week One

Our prayer starts in a similar way to the Lord’s Prayer. When asking for our daily bread, we recognize the basic needs we all have from Our Father. Since many of the poor in this world do not have their daily bread, our mission is to help God answer this petition made by countless millions every day, as willing helpers in the distribution of His daily bread.

Week Two

In our world of plenty, many people have a desire to share with those who lack even the most basic things. We believe He placed this innate goodness of people in all of us. In this way, it is our duty to share with those in need, and to seek forgiveness when we do not.
This mission is only possible through the acts of goodness to those who are suffering. We recognize the great responsibility we have to share in any way we can. Together, we can work towards what He created us to do.

Week Three

We come together as children of God at His table. Our Father, who knows us by name and story, also has a seat for each one of us. He sees us as equals and deserving of His bread. No one is too far, small or inferior for this basic need. God sees the individuality and dignity in each of His children.
Especially in this season, we must see the uniqueness in others and believe in their fullest potential. By sharing with them fully, and not just scraps, we honor others just as He created them to be.

Week Four

During the Lenten season, we take time to remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us and His gift of an abundant life. Through our own means, we can share our abundance with those in need.
We invite Him to help us be more self-aware of all the blessings we have and to share our abundance. As His children, we must share with one another, especially those who lack the most basic of things.

Week Five

As we continue this Lenten journey, we are constantly reminded of the love Jesus has for each of us. Love is the greatest of things: like God, it has no barriers like distance, status or culture. When we choose love, and clothe ourselves in it every day, we become the best versions of ourselves.

Every little act of love we do, He created us to do. When we fully embrace this, we not only feel the joy that comes from serving others in need, but we become what God created us to be.

Week Six (Palm Sunday)

On Palm Sunday, we feel reminded of welcoming Jesus and the greeting he received from the people of Jerusalem. Let us remember His compassion for all and the humility He carried Himself with.

As we enter the Holy Week, embrace that same humble spirit. He accepted us, regardless of background or status. This week, let us be more mindful and do the same for each other.