In-school feeding in Malawi is back on

In Malawi, the end of one month marked an exciting start for October as September 30 allowed for the return to our in-school feeding program for the first time since March 2020!

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When the Covid-19 pandemic began, Mary’s Meals had to pivot and work with communities to distribute take-home rations to support children’s learning. This solution worked well during the trying times the world faced together, but we are thrilled that in-school feeding has resumed across the country.

Chrispine Sabawo, 12, studies in standard 7D at Kapeni Primary. She says: “I am happy that you have brought back the school feeding. Phala gives us strength. Phala enables us to pass in class and make school to compete better with other schools. Personally, I am excited because phala improves and nurtures my health.”

Head teacher of Kapeni Primary, Thokozire Kamwachale, says: “After 19 months without phala, we have resumed feeding today. This joy has overthrown to parents, teachers and learners: this phala helps learners to stay longer in school. Kapeni Primary is one of the bigger schools here in Blantyre. It has over 7,500 leaners and we believe that all those that dropped out due to hunger will return to classes. We are grateful and thankful that we hosted the feeding resumption ceremony at our school, praise be to God!”

Malawi is our largest program, as well as our first. We began our first ever feeding program with 200 youngsters here. It has now grown to serving over one million hungry children every school day across the nation thanks to Mary’s Meals Malawi, along with thousands of volunteers in local communities, all working as one to feed each child in need.