Helping in Haiti: Our Covid-19 Response

The pandemic is making life even harder for families already struggling to survive. Here’s how we’re helping to support vulnerable communities through these challenging times. 

You may have seen our new film, Love Reaches Everywhere, in which Hollywood actor Gerard Butler travels to Haiti’s Central Plateau to meet some of the remote communities supported by Mary’s Meals.  

Families in this region have always faced a struggle for survival. Our film was recorded before the outbreak of Covid-19. Sadly, the pandemic is making life even more difficult for Haiti’s poorest communities and the need for Mary’s Meals is greater than ever. 

Since schools in Haiti closed in March, we’ve been working around the clock to keep feeding the children that need our help

Local volunteers in Gonaïves, Port-au-Prince, Mirebalais and Hinche are running food collection points, where families can safely collect parcels of Mary’s Meals rice and beans to cook for their children at home.  

We’re determined to keep our promise of a nutritious daily meal to Haiti’s hungry children – and we also want to help to keep them safe from the spread of Covid-19.  

Social distancing is being maintained at all our food collection points and we’re sharing the latest guidelines on handwashing and hygiene, so families can take steps to protect themselves.  

With your help, our work won’t stop! Please give what you can, so that we can continue this vital work.