GIVE:  Charity and the Art of     Living Generously         Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow

From the author of The Shed that Fed a Million Children comes a new book about what can be gained when one lives a life of charity. 

Magnus’s first book was a humble yet heart-warming look at the impact of Mary’s Meals, and how it transformed the lives of over a million children throughout the world. It was an inspirational memoir that told the extraordinary story of how Mary’s Meals was established. Many see charitable organizations and initiatives as ineffective, old fashioned and even corrupt. Some international aid organizations have been rocked by scandals. But running parallel to this, people all over the world are engaged in a multitude of charitable activities. In GIVE (September 1, 2020; $24.99; Harper 360), Magnus recounts personal encounters that he has had with startling acts of charity in many different cultures and situations. These deeply moving stories illuminate the beauty of giving and the life changing impact these acts of charity have upon the giver and receiver, as well as the truth that these acts of sharing – and even sacrifice – are an intrinsic part of what it means to be human. Magnus explores how those of us with the responsibility of organizing charitable initiatives should go about this work in a way that elevates rather than denigrates the place of charity within society. This book is permeated by stories of faith in action and draws on Catholic Social Teaching and the Gospel message, and is accessible to all, regardless of belief. 

About the Author: Magnus Macfarlane-Barrow started his career as a Salmon farmer in rural Argyll, but when the Balkan conflict began, he and his brother were so moved by the scenes on television that they gathered a jeep-load of aid and joined a convoy travelling to Bosnia to distribute it. On his return home, Magnus expected to resume his job, however, he came back to discover that the public had carried on donating and instead he continued organizing and distributing aid. In 2002 his work led him to Malawi, where he met a family whose situation would alter the course of his work, and Mary’s Meals was born. 

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