Heather Khym shares her introduction to Mary's Meals and why it is her favorite charity.

Back to all stories | Posted on 07/25/23 in Blog

My initial introduction to Mary’s Meals was through a good friend that I podcast with: one of her friends had introduced it. I think that’s just how these grassroots things grow, you know: people sharing because it has impacted them in a personal way.

I think the things that moved me so deeply were: one, the humility, that Magnus has just said “yes”, in many small ways, and he is very aware that God is doing something with his little “yes's” along the way. That was really beautiful to me.

Secondly, the simplicity of how easily people can enter into what Mary’s Meals is doing, and participate.

Editor’s Note:

Mary's Meals is a global grassroots movement made possible by the little acts of love made by so many. Our work was born over twenty years ago in a tiny tin shed in Scotland and through grassroots support, together, we have grown to serve over 2.4 million children in 18 countries. We invite you to get involved in our work and spread the word of our mission to help us reach the next hungry child.

There are many different ways you can help – by donating your time, money, skills and prayers.