Discover the meals served to children around the world

A daily meal in a place of education encourages children into the classroom, but what meals do we serve in our school feeding programmes around the world?

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We serve akassa (corn paste) with vegetable sauce in Benin to almost 2,000 children.


These pupils, from the slums of Quito, Ecuador, enjoy a lunch of chicken and rice with vegetables from the school garden.


These young pupils in Haiti enjoy a lunch of rice and beans with a vegetable sauce.


Lentil dahl with rice is served to children in India, where those born into poverty have very few opportunities.


Classmates receive maize and beans for lunch thanks to one of our wonderful volunteers in Kenya.


A young girl receives rice and peas for lunch. She is just one of 126,002 children in Liberia who enjoys Mary’s Meals.


A simple cup of hot likuni phala (porridge) has such a huge impact on the lives of children like this pupil in Malawi.


Children pray before eating their lunch of fish and rice in Myanmar.


Amidst conflict & food insecurity, Mary’s Meals is reaching more children in South Sudan with a daily meal of sorghum & beans.

In Thailand we serve pork with vegetables to migrant children from Myanmar at four schools outside Bangkok.


These happy children are enjoying a lunch of rice, beans, posho (maize) and vegetables in Uganda.


School + Food = Hope. This pupil in Zambia enjoys a meal of fortified maize and soya porridge in class.


Refugees from Syria receive a healthy wrap sandwich filled with local ingredients in Lebanon.