Covid-19 response: life outside the classroom

The global pandemic is making life even harder for kids like Augustine in northern Kenya. Find out how we're helping...

Six-year-old Augustine lives in Turkana, Kenya with his parents and four siblings. It is one of the driest places on Earth, which makes it difficult for families to grow crops to eat and sell.

In this part of the world, hunger is a big problem and the threat of Covid-19 is making life even harder for families like Augustine’s.

Before the pandemic, Augustine loved going to nursery school, and was encouraged by the promise of a daily serving of Mary’s Meals. He’d get up early every morning to walk in with his sister and friends and would never miss class – “not even one day!”

Augustine’s parents scrape together a living by selling homemade brooms and baskets, but Covid-19 has caused prices to drop and the family are facing a daily struggle for survival.

Augustine’s mum Mary told us: “My children are not eating like they were before. Because of our low income, I can only give them one meal a day.”

But, thanks to you, Augustine – and so many children like him – are still receiving our nutritious meals, even in the midst of a pandemic.

Within days of school closures, our incredible staff and volunteers in Kenya had introduced a food distribution program. Families are invited to collect Mary’s Meals rations to prepare for their children at home until classrooms reopen.

Mary said: “Parents have struggled for their children to get something to eat while at home. Mary’s Meals has helped during this time of uncertainty and I trust that they will continue to support our children.”

Augustine can’t wait to get back in the classroom to see his friends, and we look forward to the day all children can enjoy Mary’s Meals in their place of education again. Until then, we will continue to fulfill our promise by providing them with a daily meal at home.

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