Burger for You = Meal for Hungry Child

Joining forces with local businesses has made a huge difference to the work of Mary’s Meals.

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We love meeting with new partners and working with them to create unique programs that involve the organization and their customer base. Brothers Trevor and Derek Young, co-founders of The Chillburger ice cream and burger franchise in Indiana started their partnership with Mary’s Meals when they launched their first restaurant in 2017.  They are offering diners the chance to change children’s lives by inviting them to join their #MEAL4MEAL revolution.

Every time a customer buys one of their signature steak burgers, the pair have pledged to cover the cost of a nutritious school meal for a hungry child in one of the world’s poorest communities. 

Derek shared: “My family has been serving food to our community for five generations. We looked to expand our charitable giving and child hunger is something that has always weighed heavy on our hearts. We love meeting with new partners and working with them to create unique programs that involve the organization and their customer base. When I came across Mary's Meals, I was drawn to how proficiently they attacked the problem of extreme child hunger.” Through May 2020, The Chillburger has provided 311,590 tasty and nutritious meals to hungry children in their place of education! The restaurant servers joined in by pooling their tips to contribute an additional 20,000 meals!

Trevor and Derek participate in Mary’s Meals Sponsor A School program and all fundraising monies go to Mburwe Primary School in Zambia. The Chillburger proudly displays photos of the school throughout their two restaurants, reminding patrons of the impact they are having on hungry children’s lives.

One of the students that attends this school in Zambia is 15-year-old Jane. Jane is currently in Grade 7 and she has some very lofty ambitions: “Porridge has made much different in my life and of my siblings. We don’t have to struggle to look for breakfast in the morning because we are assured of finding it in school every day. English is my favorite subject; I have always gotten good results in the subject and I want to become a doctor when I am done with school. I have a passion to help the sick.”

Derek has some lofty goals of his own: “Donating a meal for every steak burger we sell is a big commitment, but we hope that over the next five generations, child hunger can become a memory of the past. The more steak burgers that are bought, the more children we can feed. It’s that simple.” 

#MEAL4MEAL is a simple but powerful experience for the folks in Indiana. They can visit either of the franchises, enjoy a delicious meal, learn about Mary’s Meals mission, and make a difference to children in Zambia.