5th Annual Mary’s Meals Benefit Concert

Regional Coordinator Michelle Keller rallies her community together for its annual concert in support of Mary's Meals.

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The Mid-Mo community came together for its fifth annual concert at Canterbury Hills Winery in support of Mary’s Meals to raise over $11,500! Nashville bands, Drop Dead Dangerous and Phoenix Mendoza, both performed and set the tone for a beautiful night of music, friendship and raising awareness.

Regional Coordinator Michelle Keller and her team of volunteers plan the event- from securing the bands to perform, getting sponsors, making arrangements at the venue and more. Michelle learned of Mary’s Meals years ago at a conference, and felt called to get involved. Since then, she has dedicated so much time spreading the word about our work and getting her community in Jefferson City, Missouri, involved.

Michelle travels across the Midwest to speak to schools, organize and assist in fundraisers, but always credits Mid-Mo for getting involved and supporting Mary’s Meals. After the concert, she shared her gratitude, “Where would we be without you! Thank you is just not enough!! We always strive to have a wonderful evening together and we hope it was that for you! Together we will feed 456 children for an entire school year! We are amazed at the generosity of our community!”

The Mid-Mo community showed their little acts of love in so many ways and with volunteers of many ages. One is Madi, a fourth grader who leads her own initiative, “Madi’s Kindness Project,” which hosts fundraisers to donate to charity. 

Madi set up a table at the concert and sold koozies, lollipops, grab bags and stickers and raised $273. We are constantly in awe of students like Madi that beautifully share and give to our mission to help other students across the globe get a daily meal and education.

Mary’s Meals USA is thankful for the Mid-Mo community, Michelle, Madi and all the other amazing people who came together for our mission. Our dedicated volunteers and grassroots efforts are at the very heart of what we do and bring this work to life.

There are many different ways you can help – by donating your time, money, skills and prayers.