Mary’s Meals first began serving nutritious meals to children in Zambia in 2014.

Our school feeding programmes extend across ten districts in the Eastern province of the country: Chadiza, Chasefu, Chipangali, Chipata, Kasenengwa, Katete, Lumezi, Lundazi, Mambwe, and Vubwi.

Working in close collaboration with the Zambian Ministry of Education and other key stakeholders, we deliver consistent and efficient school feeding through our experienced team, based in Chipata.

Life in Zambia

Zambia has a mostly humid, sub-tropical climate with an average rainfall of 34 inches during rainy season (December- March).

It is mostly high, flat terrain with a few hills and mountains. Zambia is home to several large lakes, 20 national parks and 34 game management areas.

Less than 5% of the land is suitable for farming crops.

Mary's Meals in Zambia

We are currently feeding over 420,000 children in 668 schools across the country.

We feed children between the ages of 4 and 18.

The typical school meal we serve is a maize and soya porridge which is boosted with vitamins and minerals.

Did you know?

An estimated 14% of people in Zambia have insufficient food intake.

There is a 45% drop-out rate in primary schools within Zambia.

Around 57.5% of the population live below the International Poverty Line of $1.50 per day.