With Yemen described currently as “the largest humanitarian crisis in the world”, our work there is vital not only in addressing the hunger issue but also in encouraging children back into the relative safety and security of the classroom. 

Yemen is Mary’s Meals newest programme, established in 2021 and run in partnership with local charity, Yemen Aid. Together, we operate in four schools in the Al Mansoora district of Aden – an area home to a large number of internally displaced people (IDPs) and other marginalised populations who all experience high levels of hunger. 

Life in Yemen

Yemen has been mired in conflict since 2014, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Yemeni people and the displacement of millions. Years of war have led to unimaginable suffering among children and adults and the hostile environment has significantly hampered the distribution of aid to those who need it most.  

Acute food insecurity is prevalent across the country, where more than 14 million people have insufficient food consumption. Five million are at immediate risk of famine, more than 16 million are food insecure and almost 21 million require humanitarian assistance.

Mary's Meals in Yemen

We are currently feeding more than 4.500 children in four schools.

We work with Yemen Aid to distribute food to the schools. 

The typical school meal consists of a filled pitta bread sandwich with fresh fruit or vegetables.

Did you know?

Mean years of schooling in Yemen is just 3.2.

66% of the country’s population are living below the Iinternational Poverty Line of $1.90 per day.

67% of people live without safe water and sanitation.