We have been providing Mary’s Meals in Romania since 2001.

Our programme in Romania is delivered in partnership with the Rhema Foundation.

The programme in Romania is one of Mary’s Meals longest running activities and quite unlike the others, providing meals for people with complex needs as a result of HIV infection. Good nutrition is essential for people with HIV to maintain a healthy weight and absorb the necessary medicines to treat their illness.

Life in Romania

Our support here began when Magnus visited Romania to meet volunteers that were trying to care for a ward full of HIV-positive children and toddlers who had been abandoned and left in hospital without adequate care.

Providing a purpose-built home where they could be cared for and thrive together with regular nutritious meals, gave the children hope of a better future.

Despite some complex care needs and challenging disabilities, they are now young adults living fulfilling lives, and remain connected as one big family.

Mary's Meals in Romania

We are currently feeding 12 young adults in one specialist centre in Bucharest.

This is part of a legacy programme. 

The typical meals served are usually soup, or rice with meat or fish and vegetables.

Did you know?

94% of AIDS cases in Romania were attributed to children under 13 
by 1990.

An estimated 19,000 adults and children were living with AIDS in Romania in 2020.

In 1989 an epidemic of HIV infection was discovered among hospitalised and institutionalised children 
in Romania.