Malawi was the first country to receive Mary’s Meals.

We have been serving children here since 2002 in close collaboration with the Government of Malawi. We have also joined forces with local partner MCSPA to deliver in-school feeding in difficult-to-reach areas.

Life in Malawi

The Mary’s Meals school feeding programme provides a much needed safety net for families who worry about how to feed their children.

The vast scale of poverty and continued food insecurity faced by the people here is amplified by the adverse effects of climate change.

Most families rely on smallholder farming to live, but this has become increasingly unstable as rising numbers of droughts and floods leave limited capacity for recovery and food production.

Mary's Meals in Malawi

We are currently feeding over 1,080,000 children.

We feed in a total of 1,011 primary schools and Early Childhood Development Centres across Malawi.

A typical school meal consists of maize or soya porridge boosted with minerals and vitamins, known locally as ‘likuni phala’.

Did you know?

70.3% of the population live below the International Poverty Line
of $1.90 per day.

45.9% drop-out 
rate in primary school age children.

Around 1.9 million people have insufficient food intake.