We have been providing Mary’s Meals in Lebanon since 2016.

We work closely with our trusted partner, Dorcas, to provide meals to both Syrian refugee children and vulnerable Lebanese children in areas around Beirut that have been severely affected by the refugee crisis. 

Lebanese children attend lessons alongside Syrian refugee children and mothers from both communities volunteer to prepare the meals together, helping to break down barriers and bring about social cohesion.

Life in Lebanon

Lebanon is home to around 1.5 million refugees from Syria, which is currently in the grip of a humanitarian crisis. There are also similar numbers of vulnerable Lebanese people plus more than half a million Palestinians seeking refuge from conflict in their own country. The country has the fourth largest refugee population in the world.

Mary's Meals in Lebanon

We are feeding over1,400 children in three places of education.

Children are aged between 3 and 14.

A typical school meal is a sandwich wrap and a piece of fresh fruit or vegetable.

Did you know?

25% of Lebanon’s population is made up 
of refugees.

Less than half of all school-age refugee children in Lebanon are enrolled in formal education. 

50% of people in Lebanon worry about
access to food.