Run Locally, Feed Globally

Thanksgiving Challenge 2018

“Run Locally, Feed Globally” is a virtual race – and anyone can take part. You can run, walk, or stroll in your own community!

Get ready for the biggest feast of the year by signing up to take the Mary’s Meals Thanksgiving Challenge and support our shared vision that every hungry child receives a daily meal in their place of education. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to be grateful for all that we have and to also take a moment to think about the 61 million children who are unable to go to school because they are food insecure. You can make a difference this year by committing to a 5K walk/run/stroll (or any distance and speed you can) and provide warm, nutritious school meals to some of the world’s poorest children and provide them a path out of poverty.

Run Locally, Feed Globally!

Be it the Thursday of Thanksgiving, or the days before or after, walk your neighborhood, jog your favorite trail, turn on a treadmill or simply dance to your mailbox.  

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