What is the Hunger Challenge?  

The Hunger Challenge is the latest Challenge from Students Rebuild, a project of the Bezos Family Foundation, inviting students to learn about issues of hunger and malnutrition around the world. Recognizing that hunger can take many forms, we're gathering young people and their educators to investigate how hunger interferes with education and development and prevents young people from living their happiest, healthiest lives. For the Hunger Challenge, Students Rebuild is partnering with UNICEF and Mary's Meals to grow their hunger relief initiatives around the world, and supporting eight additional community-based organizations addressing a spectrum of hunger and nutrition related initiatives across the U.S. 


How do students and educators participate? 

Anyone can participate in the Hunger Challenge by completing a simple and free registration form on the Students Rebuild website. Educators are able to use the curricula, lesson plans, and other resources available on the site to teach their classrooms about hunger and malnutrition. All of the resources are designed to be flexible, so educators are able to use them as they choose. 

Students are encouraged to create an illustrated version of a favorite recipe that reflects culture, community, and connection and submit it online to Students Rebuild. For each recipe received, the Bezos Family Foundation will donate $3—up to $700,000—to organizations around the world addressing hunger and malnutrition, from emergency relief to longer-term agricultural development.  


What is Students Rebuild? 

Launched in 2010, Students Rebuild is a program of the Bezos Family Foundation that mobilizes young people to take action on the world's most critical issues. Each year, the program launches a new Challenge around a single, urgent issue. In past years, Challenges have focused on ocean conservation, Haitian earthquake relief, and tolerance. Students Rebuild provides educators with free lesson plans for each Challenge and students are encouraged to use their creativity to create artwork reflecting the lesson. 

Who is the Bezos Family Foundation? 

The Bezos Family Foundation is an independent, private foundation that believes children are born with potential and deserve the experiences and environments needed to learn and thrive. Its programs and funding are guided by the science of learning and aim to transform support for all young people—especially those furthest from opportunity—to pursue their own path for success. Learn more at www.bezosfamilyfoundation.org.