Meet the children

Learn more about the children whose lives will be changed by Run As One. 

The promise of a daily meal often encourages children to attend school. It is our hope that these stories help you to realize just how important you are to our mission to provide meals to these children in the hardest-to-reach places of the world.

Moses - Age 12 - Kenya

Moses is a hardworking student who dreams of becoming a doctor one day. It’s hard to imagine that just a year ago, this gifted 12-year-old was living and working on the streets.

As a street child in the Kasarani slum in the city of Eldoret, Moses survived by scouring bins and rubbish tips for scrap metal and begging for food. Now – thanks to a caring teacher and the guarantee of a nutritious daily meal – he has moved home and is back at school. “Most of the children here come from very difficult backgrounds,” he says. “Getting education opens new avenues – going to secondary school, university, getting a good job. In the future, I would like to be a doctor. There’s an old man who lives near me and he’s very sick. I would become a doctor to help him and people like him.”

COVID-19 has temporary closed schools in Kenya but Mary’s Meals has been able bring food to communities so that children could receive meals at home- their new place of education.

Jennica - Age 8 - Haiti

Jennica has the most incredible smile, and yet her life is hard. Jennica lives with her aunt in a small house in a remote part of rural Haiti. For many families in their community, every day is a struggle for survival.

The promise of a daily meal encourages Jennica and her friends to come to school, paving the way towards a brighter future for the whole community. Jennica’s favorite subject at school is writing, and she hopes to be a chef when she graduates.

Jennica’s aunt, Emilia, has seen a marked improvement in the local children since the school feeding program was introduced. “Before Mary’s Meals, things weren’t good because the children didn’t go to school,” she says. “I see a big difference now. The children aren’t hungry, so it’s easier for the family.”

Loise - Age 13 - Liberia

Loise loves to sing. As she walks to school she often sings along the way. She says, “My friends love it when I sing for them. They say I’ve got a beautiful voice.”

Loise loves English and math. “If you know math, you can calculate anything, and if you learn English, you know how to speak well. Anyone who goes to school can learn to speak well.”

In Liberia, poverty often prevents children from going to school. Others leave lessons early to go in search of food. Thankfully, Loise has the promise of a daily meal because of Mary’s Meals. “My dream is to become a Gospel musician, but if that doesn’t work out, a bank accountant.”

Simeon - Age 10 - Malawi

Simeon is one of the top students in his class. “School is important because it helps you make your future,” he says. “I want to be a doctor when I finish school, so I can help sick people.”

Simeon lives with his three siblings and parents. This year, the crops in his community have not gone well and the harvest is expected to be poor. Thankfully, Simeon has the promise of a bowl of porridge at school. “Porridge takes away my hunger,” he says with a smile. “When I come to school hungry, it gives me strength. I concentrate better in class when I have eaten.” Daily school meals fill Simeon’s empty stomach, helping him to gain a precious education, enjoy his childhood, and follow his dreams.

Britima - Age 8 - India

Britima, who looks around eight years old – she does not know her age – has the responsibility of looking after her parents and grandparents. She wakes up before sunrise to begin chores; she sweeps the surroundings of her home before going to a nearby river to wash utensils and her family’s clothes.

Britima bathes at a neighbor’s water well before walking to school on an empty stomach. “I get tired when I come to school, so I just fill my stomach with water. I feel the desire to eat but there’s nothing. Though I feel hungry, I bear it until lunch time.”

Thankfully, Britima and her classmates at Shanti Niketan Primary School receive their daily meal provided by Mary’s Meals. “I feel so good when I have the food here. I have more energy.”