Below are some of our most frequently asked questions. If none of these answer your inquiry, please contact us! We are happy to help.

Email or call 800-385-4983 ext 2.

When can I run the race?

The great part about a virtual race is that you can participate any time that works for your own schedule or holiday gathering! Our recommended timeframe is around the Thanksgiving holiday, Wednesday 27 November through Saturday 30 November. Mary’s Meals USA will certainly be sharing and promoting the race on Facebook during that time.


Where is the race taking place?

This race is based in the continental United States, however, it is open to the entire planet! While most races make a huge production about location, Mary’s Meals USA loves the idea of you and your team participating in Run As One 2019 in your own neighborhoods, parks and local communities. Besides, you may decide that you want to be creative and “run” on the elliptical at the gym or “dance” in the kitchen to support the Run As One Virtual Race. Every little act of love is welcomed and encouraged!  


Do I have to build a team?

Not at all! You can sign up as an individual and know that you are participating in an awesome virtual race that helps children across the world. We would love it if you shared your virtual race on social media and tagged @MaryMealsUSA or used #RunAsOne2019. 


How can I tell my friends and co-workers about this race?

We want as many people to know about the mission of Mary’s Meals as possible and this race is meant to be an easy and fun way to spread the message! After registration, we will provide you with links to share through email and on social media. There are resources for you to customize and print, as well as social media graphics to share online. We are always looking to engage with more people in creative ways, so be sure to share your best ideas with us!


How much does it cost? 

Early-bird registration is $15 for adults and youth. After November 23, the cost is $19.50, which is the global cost of providing a children with a daily school meal for an entire year. 


How long does it take for my race packet to arrive after I’ve registered?

Your race packets are assembled by our friendly staff in the Mary’s Meals New Jersey office. Please allow for at least a week for your pack to arrive. If you think that your packet might have gotten delayed, do not hesitate to call or email our office at or 800-385-4983.


What is in my race packet?

Your packet will include a limited edition Run As One 2019 race T-shirt, mini-magazine and other great Mary's Meals items. 


Information on my registration confirmation is wrong. What should I do?

Call or email our office at or 800-385-4983. We will help you get things sorted out right away!


Wasn’t this race called Run Locally, Feed Globally?

What a great memory, yes it was! For the past two years, you might’ve seen promotions, or even participated in the Run Locally Feed Globally race for Mary’s Meals. Don’t worry, Run As One is still your favorite Virtual Race that helps to make a difference in the lives of children in some of the world’s poorest communities by providing them nutritious meals in their place of education and offering a path out of poverty.


Why is it called Run As One?

We Run As One because we are one Mary’s Meals family. Mary’s Meals values all members of our family whether they are the children who receive a meal at school, the volunteers who prepare the meals or the folks who organize grassroots fundraising efforts here in the United States. The unique element about Run As One is that people can share their little acts of love and feel solidarity with the children that Mary’s Meals feeds. There are various distances people can choose to take part in, ranging from small to large, and participants can relate these distances to the distances some children have to make in order to get to school. 


I love social media! What are the hashtags that we are using for this race?

Glad you asked! Upload your favorite photos and tag @MarysMealsUSA on Facebook, @MarysMeals on Instagram and Twitter.

Use #MarysMealsUSA #RunAsOne2019 #WeAreMarysMeals #LittleActsofLove.

You’ve answered all my questions, where can I register?

Sign up for Run As One!