Students are some of the most passionate supporters of the work of Mary's Meals. They know that little acts of love make all the difference.

There are countless ways middle schools, high schools and universities can support this mission and feed the next hungry child.

Early Childhood Education Centers

This wonderful Pre-School in Missouri held an annual art auction with art from teachers and students where proceeds benefited Mary’s Meals

Middle School

In giving up their lunch for the day to have rice and water in solidarity with Mary’s Meals students around the world, these students raise funds for their sponsored school in Liberia called Cynthia's Kitchen

High School

The International Club at an all-boys high school virtually welcomed a Mary's Meals speaker to kick off Foreign Languages Week. Their baked goods fundraiser fed 95 children for an entire year!


Sharing about Mary's Meals is at the heart of what we do. Josh and Joe set up a table with a few giveaways in their student center to encourage students to learn more about Mary's Meals!

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