Mary’s Meals grew out of the Catholic faith of our founder and early leaders, and is shaped by a Christian spirituality and outlook that affirms that “charity is love, received and given.” Mary’s Meals is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus, who brought up her own Child in poverty. Our mission itself, and the values with which we carry out our mission, reflect the core of our Christian roots. Prayer has always had a special place in the Mary’s Meals story, and we consider our work a fruit of prayer.

Mary’s Meals also consists of, and serves, people of all faith traditions and none; our vision is that every child receive a daily meal in their place of education, and the only requirement to join our mission is the desire to see a hungry child fed, educated, and set free from poverty.

Support from churches and Christians of all traditions is vital for Mary’s Meals to keep the promise we have made to the children we serve and to reach the next hungry child.

There are many ways for your church to support Mary’s Meals – from raising funds that will feed every child at a school for an entire year, to holding prayer services for Mary’s Meals - that will impact some of the world’s poorest children for their entire lives.

Get your church involved

Mary’s Meals has a large variety of materials, films, books, religious educational tools, programs, and more available that your church can utilize to grow in your discipleship walk, build a stronger faith community, and support some of “the least of Jesus’ brothers and sisters” (Matthew 25).

“Mary’s Meals has become a focal point for our church community. It’s beautiful to see the excitement each year when they start the work of fundraising. Mary’s Meals has been one of the greatest gift our church community has experienced. I hope other faith communities engage themselves in the beauty of the Mary’s Meals mission and reap the blessings that we have.”

Rich Olon, Youth Minister, St. John Regis Parish, Hollywood, MD

For more information about how your church can engage with Mary’s Meals, please contact Rob Turner at or 1-800-385-4983 ext. 2.