Happy 50th, Gerard Butler!

Gerard Butler GALS

(this project was finished on 01/20/20)

$1,537.51 raised towards our $5,000.00 target.
Help us reach our goal!

What does one get for The Man who has everything? How about a Mary's Meals school sponsorship? We're aiming VERY HIGH for GERARD BUTLER'S 50TH BIRTHDAY!! Our goal? To sponsor a Mary's Meal school, for a year, IN GERRY'S NAME. Until 12/31/2019, we hope to raise over $5,000. (If we don't meet this lofty goal, Mary's Meals will use the funds to feed individual children.) We can think of no better way to honor Gerry than to provide for hungry children! So... are ye in?

19 donations and counting

$25.00 donated by BELIA JIMENEZ on 12/31/19

“In honor of Gerard Butler celebration of his 50th birthday Bea”

$100.00 donated by Anonymous on 12/31/19

“Happy birthday, mate. Very worthy cause.”

$50.00 donated by Marlen Richter on 12/31/19

“In honor of Gerard Butler's 50th Birthday and in thanks for the many people helped by Gerard's compassion.”

$20.00 donated by Barbara Picozzi on 12/31/19

“Happy 50th Birthday, Gerard Butler. Sent with love in your Honor to Mary's Meals!”

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Mary's Meals is a global movement that sets up school feeding projects in some of the world's poorest communities, where hunger and poverty prevent children from gaining an education.