Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen hunger and need reach acute and harrowing levels in the countries where we work. Members of the Mary’s Meals family are telling us that they have never before seen such desperation spread so widely around the world.  

Where we are now

When schools were forced to close, we knew the potential loss of daily meals would be catastrophic for the children and communities we serve. Whatever lay ahead, we were, as always, determined to keep our promise to the children who depend on Mary’s Meals.

Through our initial Covid-19 response activities we found ways to reach nearly all of these children at home. Working with governments, community leaders and our trusted partners, we developed new methods of distribution to reach children in their communities and provide food to them there, in their new places of learning.

In this ever-changing situation, as some schools begin to reopen, we will continue to work closely with our staff and partners to reinstate in-school feeding as soon as possible. Taking care to implement necessary safety measures, we look forward to welcoming children back to the classroom where the daily meals we serve will help them to learn and thrive.

In countries where schools have not yet fully reopened, we are continuing to work with communities to distribute take-home rations to support children while they learn at home.

Our work cannot stop. Please help us if you can – for now and for the future – so no child is left behind.

A message from Magnus, our Founder and CEO

Although the global pandemic has created uncertainty and an ever-shifting landscape, we remain true to our vision. As schoolchildren begin to return to classrooms in some of the countries where we work and others remain at home, we stay focused on the hungry child and our promise to them. Thank you for helping us to fulfil that promise; thank you for sharing our vision that no child should endure a day without a meal.

How we're protecting communities

In areas where life was already hard, it’s just got much more difficult. With weaker healthcare and communications systems, the impact on children living in some of the world’s poorest communities will be devastating. But with your help, we can help to keep children and their communities safe.

Promoting hand hygiene

We’re distributing soap and hygiene information to families to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Encouraging social distancing

We’re abiding by social distancing guidance at our community food collection points and explaining why.

Supporting local communities

As well as feeding hungry children, we’re continuing to support communities by sourcing food locally.

How you can help

You can give hope to the world’s poorest communities by supporting Mary’s Meals to bring food to vulnerable families while children are at home and helping us to continue with our life-changing work as schools reopen. Thank you for standing together with the world’s poorest children and making sure they’re not forgotten during this global pandemic.

In uncertain times, your generosity is needed more than ever.

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