Sponsor A School

Sponsor a School in Malawi

There are two ways to take part in the Sponsor A School initiative in Malawi:

Covering Feeding Costs
Supporters fundraise to cover the annual costs of providing Mary’s Meals for a whole school. If you decide to do this, you receive the briefing document giving information about Mary’s Meals across Malawi and, on reaching your agreed target, you are allocated a school and receive photos of the school with your name on the wall (a year’s feeding costs an average $9,800 but there are smaller and larger schools and we can match according to your donation). For each year of support you will receive an annual update. This type of support is absolutely vital to us and ensures that hungry children receive their life-changing meal each day.

Building a School Kitchen
The average cost of building and equipping a school kitchen to provide pupils with a daily meal in Malawi is $11,500. If you want to take part, please contact us to sign up and receive a briefing document and fundraising advice. When your $11,500 target is reached, you will be allocated a school and your name will be put up at the kitchen. You will receive photos of your name at the school – a lovely reward for a lot of hard fundraising work.

Kitchen + Feeding Costs
Some sponsors ‘adopt’ the school where they have built a shelter and decide to fundraise to also feed the children there on an ongoing basis. We offer them an annual report updating them on the school’s progress. We are extremely grateful to these generous supporters as they release funds, enabling us to expand into other schools.

Sponsor a School in Liberia

We are delighted that the Sponsor a School initiative has now been extended to include schools in Liberia. In Liberia the challenges are different to those in Malawi. As the local communities are able to build kitchens for themselves, we are looking for people to fund the average, ongoing, cost per year of providing a daily meal for the pupils. This is around $11,500, but like in Malawi, we can match schools according to your donation.
Sponsors are given a briefing document with information about Mary’s Meals in Liberia when they sign up, and receive details about their allocated school once they near their total.

The sponsor’s name will be put on the wall of the school and photographs will be provided. Those providing ongoing support will also receive an annual update on their school’s progress.

The Sponsor A School initiative has a wide appeal and all sorts of groups and individuals participate – churches, schools, businesses, families, and work colleagues. You can download a flyer below:

 Download the Sponsor A School flyer >>

If you would like to find out more please call us: 800-385-4983 or  email: info@marysmealsusa.org

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