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We live in a fast changing and interdependent world. The world is “shrinking” we are all connected and affected by trade, the movement of people, advances in media, technology, the environment, travel…Our lives and the lives of our children are increasingly shaped by what happens in other parts of the world.

The USA along with most other developed nations recognize that we are now part of the “Global Village” and that more than ever we must provide opportunities for our children to look outward to the world, to learn about the world they will one day inherit and share with others.

Our children need to develop the knowledge, understanding, skills and values needed to enable them to meet the challenges they will face in the 21st century. We at Mary’s Meals want to help you equip them to be able to participate fully in ensuring their own and others well being while making a positive contribution both locally and globally.

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Introduction to Schools & Club Resources

Many schools find that study of the lives and daily challenges faced daily by the children supported by Mary’s Meals provides an ideal theme and context for learning about our world and helping our children to develop as Global Citizens. At the moment we have some teaching resources which you may find useful for introducing issues such as hunger, poverty and need. Please have a look.  We would be grateful if any USA-based teacher who has used or developed teaching materials which involve Mary’s Meals would be willing to share them with other teachers and we could post them on our website.

In the meantime, there are a number of ways that children can get involved in the classroom, develop their learning and become responsible global citizens of the future. By forming Mary’s Meals committees and giving students the responsibility to run fundraising and awareness projects, pupils can develop communication, teamwork, and presentation skills, as well as building their own confidence and creating a huge sense of achievement by seeing the real difference that their work is making to the lives of others.

 Mary’s Meals Day
Hold a day where hunger and poverty are the focus. Serve a bowl of porridge to each child (or likuni phala, the nutritious porridge served daily by Mary’s Meals in Malawi), and explain that for many children who benefit from Mary’s Meals, this is all they will eat that day. You could also hold sponsored silences, read-a-thons, sports events, or something more creative.

Mary’s Meals Ambassadors
Would your senior students benefit from becoming Mary’s Meals Ambassadors? They could visit local schools or nurseries, churches or community groups, or businesses, to tell them about the charity and what they are doing to support it. For more info contact

Mary’s Meals Committee
Form a Mary’s Meals Committee and give the students a taste of the boardroom! Designate key roles e.g. Chairman, Finance Secretary, Press Officer, Spokesman etc. Let pupils set a fundraising strategy, such as approaching local businesses for support, and write press releases about what they are doing.

Great for the resume as committee work includes business, presentation, and marketing skills, as well as practical experience in finance and citizenship, whilst also developing interpersonal skills. A perfect learning activity for pupils of all abilities. T-shirts available for all committee members and Mary’s Meals Ambassadors! Email

Change Challenge?
A school came up with this idea and we love it! Turn an old water bottle into a money bank and fill it with cents. When it is full, send it to Mary’s Meals and you will probably have collected enough money to give a child Mary’s Meals for a whole school year.



University / College Resources

If you are a University or College, you are in a great position to help raise awareness of Mary’s Meals. We are looking for students to join or start up a Mary’s Meals group to raise awareness and fundraise.

It’s a chance to meet new friends, and a great opportunity to work alongside a successful and renowned international charity, boosting your resume  by testing your marketing, communication and motivational skills, and to use your time at university to do something to be really proud of!

Contact for info.



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