Mary’s Meals is an international movement to set up school feeding projects in communities where poverty and hunger prevent children from gaining an education.

Mary’s Meals provides daily meals in school for over 600,000 children in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe and South America. Use the buttons below to find out more about Mary’s Meals.

Origins of our name

Mary’s Meals is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus, who brought up her child in poverty. The idea of Mary’s Meals came from UK businessman, Tony Smith. He would say it was the inspiration of the Virgin Mary. Tony Smith had also been touched by a small village in Bosnia called Medjugorje, where it [...]


Facts at a glance

Total number of children receiving a daily meal in school = 989,791 Average global cost of Mary’s Meals per child, per year =  $19.50 Worldwide average cost per meal =  10 cents Number of chronically hungry children in the world = 300 million. Around 57 million of these children are out of school. Number of [...]


What makes us different

For many children, Mary’s Meals may be the only meal they will have that day. It costs us an average $19.50 to provide Mary’s Meals to a child for a whole school year. How do we keep our costs low? Buying Food Locally Wherever possible we purchase locally produced food for use in the meals [...]


Beginnings of Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals began in 2002 as a one-off school feeding programme. Today we provide daily life changing meals to over 989,000 hungry children.

10 dollars feeds a child for a year

$11 feeds a child for a year

People are always surprised by how little it costs to provide a child with Mary’s Meals for a year in Malawi – $11 per child in Malawi and an average $16.80 per child globally. How do we keep our costs so low? Buying Food Locally Wherever possible we purchase locally produced food for use in the [...]


The Mary’s Meals vision

Our Vision Our vision is that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education and that all those who have more than they need share with those who lack even the most basic things. Our Mission Our mission is to enable people to offer their money, goods, skills, time, or prayer, and [...]

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