Mary’s Meals started working in Liberia delivering shipments of emergency aid during the devastating civil war. The school feeding programme began in 2006 and has steadily grown to reach over 128,000 children, making it our second biggest project.

School Feeding

We have been working in Liberia since 1994 and so have witnessed her people’s suffering over many difficult years of civil conflict.  It is wonderful to be working together now in this time of peace and to do what we can to support the process of reconstruction. Our main work is school feeding. Schools have re-opened and pupils are starting to catch up on years of missed education.  Most of our school feeding projects are in small village schools. Children are often too hungry to attend school, or are helping to find wild food (fruit and fish), and even if they do attend, they are in no state to concentrate and learn.

Mary’s Meals helps to relieve the burden for families and other community members, tackling child malnutrition and also encouraging children back to the classroom. Some of the village schools are so remote they cannot be reached by road. Instead the men of the village will walk to the nearest road and carry food back to their communities. Parents contribute by providing the vegetables for making the sauce and by taking their turn cooking the rice.

Companion Projects

We also send regular deliveries of material aid through our Backpack Project.

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